sexta-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2012

atendendo aos pedidos de nossos amigos americanos vamos postar esse conto fantasia de corno em inglês

He was aware of his escapades to give the ass, especially a young man who lives near us, he started to talk to see if I entered the game, but was soon clear to give up is a bitch and I'll turn my start by mechanic he sings me for years and I have the hots for him ... Yes! 'm even ordinary ... I admit ... I'm pretty bitch! Very bitch ... Shameless of all ... I'm a whore "WOMAN"! But so what? I called him late, and said he needed his services, and my husband who is a good friend of him, was working and I was alone and the car would not start, hit the horn this time it would be hidden just watching, but seemed he was expecting the call because only started to ask, he said he would come after dinner. I prepared something for us to eat early in the morning (I knew something would do something like he got!). She had a dress showing which service I really wanted, and also what he so coveted for years, talked and ate something, and in the end he decided he would take a quick shower and, as is one of the things that never tired of looking at it is the Apollonian body, and knew also that during this wonderful evening I would be slain for his pleasure, adorava.Não thing left he closed the bathroom door so we can chat while he took off his clothes. I saw the wonderful body, Via also his manly chest, a flat stomach and groin covered by the abundant black, embracing a thick delicious bites. Her thighs and legs were there, but my eyes were fixed only on his cock, already hard and at the ready for their tasks, some gentle and delicate, other abrutalhadas at least to make it clear that he was the trainer of your female. I've felt that my panties were honeydew and my vagina was ready for their services, but I knew it would run for the sacrifice of his female as the desires of my male. I could not stand anymore, eliminated the bathroom, opened the box, wiped up more or less and came with me. At this time I realized he was grabbing me, pulling my race, my shorts and my thong, handing her a towel so I enxugasse best as he kneaded and kissed and sucked my breasts. I made the service very slowly as he started to kiss me on the mouth, pulled the towel from his chest as he began to kiss me and lick and nibble my breasts, sucking my nipples already endurecidos.Estava finishing wipe his groin when he ripped the towel of my hands, carried me to bed, and after playing on my bed, my legs separated, and knelt and began expanding my pussy with his fingers, nibbling my clit and stuck my vagina with his tongue. I breathed choppy, out of bed and my knees, reaching the ground when my mouth reached his wonderful tool, my primary goal. I held his cock and began licking and kissing gently, the glans to the root and the root to the glans, sucking his head, trying to swallow his balls, first one and then another (sorry I never got the two together in my mouth) and started sucking his jeba, first slowly and then accelerating, sometimes leaving the head and back to cock, going back to the roots and the glans. He did this at a slow speed to avoid ejaculation did not occur quickly, suddenly felt to be getting his ejaculation and swallowing, tasting your honey sublime, divine nectar of my male, accepting all he could offer me. When the volume decreases, increased my sugar so that I only receive their foam up when dried. He said the dream of this year, threw me on the bed and the cock still hard as a rock, cursed me, called me hot and horn in the closet, but I told him now you will only be entitled to rip me in a todinha motel dearly .... only desire was to stay in ... so he left tudinho spit in the mouth of the horn, which did not want to stop kissing me ...

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